Bowmansville PA DUI Lawyers

Bowmansville PA DUI LawyersIt’s something you think will never happen to you. You run into an unexpected DUI checkpoint, have a momentary lapse in judgment, or you weren’t aware of the BAC laws. And suddenly you find yourself arrested, facing charges and searching for Bowmansville PA DUI lawyers.

If this describes you, don’t take on this legal fight alone. The consequences for DUI are devastating, especially for repeat offenders. You could lose your driver’s license for a year or more, be forced to pay heavy fines, and could even spend time in prison. With penalties this severe, it’s well worth the cost of an experienced attorney that works hard to protect your rights.

At Cody & Pfursich, we have over 60 years of combined experience trying and negotiating DUI cases in Lancaster County. We’ve seen firsthand the dedication of police and prosecutors to achieving a conviction, and the vital importance of a strong legal defense. Do not attempt to take this battle on by yourself. You need an equally zealous attorney fighting for your rights.

The Bowmansville PA DUI lawyers Cody & Pfursich have the know-how to successfully represent you in this stressful time:

  • We will challenge any and all mishandled aspects of your case, from breathalyzer results to the explanation of your rights by the arresting officer.
  • We work to find inadmissible and improperly attained evidence removed, and have your charges reduced or even dismissed entirely whenever possible.
  • We can negotiate to have an arrest expunged from your record, to save you from future employment difficulties.
  • We can negotiate your entry into an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (A.R.D.) program to reduce the severity of sentences, even if you had been rejected in the past.

When it comes to DUI cases in Lancaster County, you must understand that prosecutors are not interested in your justice. Taking on DUI cases is not easy, and you need effective legal representation on your side.

Cody & Pfursich is here to help. Click here to reach out to us and and request a free consultation. Let us work with you and help you through this difficult time.