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DUI Lawyers In Denver, PAIf you are an area resident in need of DUI lawyers in Denver, PA  to represent you, call the offices of Cody & Pfursich right away. Our firm is located a short drive away in Lancaster, and we represent clients in cases of DUI, traffic violations, and personal injury and many other matters. Cody & Pfursich has been successfully litigating DUI cases for over three decades, and we have the knowledge and courtroom expertise to defend your legal rights.

Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs is treated as a very serious crime in Pennsylvania. The penalties continue to become more severe. You could be facing a mandatory jail sentence, in addition to the loss of your driver’s license and large fines. For repeat offenders, a sentence means a mandatory year in prison followed by a lengthy parole period. In addition to all of this, a DUI conviction on your record means far fewer employment opportunities in the future.

When a DUI case gets litigated, the prosecutor and the police are both dedicated to one thing: achieving a conviction. It is absolutely vital for you to have an experienced and professional attorney on your side. With our attorneys’ 60 combined years of experience litigating DUI cases, we’ve seen it all. We’ve had great success negotiating a favorable outcome and we have proven ourselves willing to take a case to trial if necessary.

We have also been very successful in negotiating acceptance into A.R.D. (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) programs for our clients. A.R.D. is a program that enables a client to reduce penalties and charges, and even strike an arrest from the client’s record. Our attorneys have successfully negotiated A.R.D. entry for thousands of clients, even many that had been initially rejected.

If you have been charged and need the services of DUI Lawyers In Denver, PA , call Cody & Pfursich today for a free initial consultation. The stakes are too great to face this without expert legal help on your side.

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