DUI Lawyers in Lampeter

Lampeter DUI LawyersIf you are facing charges and are in need of Lampeter DUI lawyers, contact the law offices of Cody & Pfursich today. Our firm is located nearby in Lancaster, and we represent clients involved in DUI, traffic violations and personal injury cases. We have been practicing law in central Pennsylvania for over 30 years now, and we have the track record of successful experience you need in this difficult time.

In Pennsylvania and throughout the country, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is treated as a serious criminal offense. Penalties have become more severe in recent years; in addition to license loss and huge fines, you could be facing a prison sentence. For repeat offenders, a conviction means a mandatory prison sentence of a year or more, and several years of parole. In addition, your future employment opportunities are severely limited by the record of an arrest.

If you are charged, you should understand that police and prosecutors are dedicated only to your conviction. You need someone with legal expertise on your side to protect your rights. Our attorneys have a combined 60-plus years of experience in DUI cases, and we know how to achieve a favorable result for our clients. We represent our clients zealously and fight charges in court when necessary.

Cody & Pfursich attorneys are also experienced in negotiating A.R.D. (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) acceptance for our clients. Should you be accepted into A.R.D. and complete the program, your conviction penalties can be reduced (including the length of time a license is lost), and you can also possibly have the arrest eliminated from your record. We have successfully entered thousands of clients into A.R.D., including many that were initially denied entry.

Contacting Lampeter DUI Lawyers

When you need the representation of experienced Lampeter DUI lawyers, contact our offices today for a consultation. The stakes are too great for you to have anything less on your side.