Lancaster County Criminal Lawyers

Lancaster County Criminal LawyersIf you are seeking experienced and successful Lancaster County criminal lawyers, try contacting the legal offices of Cody & Pfursich attorneys. Our office is located here in Lancaster, across the street from the Lancaster County Courthouse.

When you are facing criminal charges, you know how incredibly frightening and stressful it can be. Penalties for convictions include jail time, probation and heavy fines. In addition, a conviction can permanently damage your personal and professional reputation. Lancaster County criminal lawyers need to be aware and experienced in the statutes of the state of Pennsylvania and Lancaster County…you need zealous experts fighting your legal battles against district attorneys who are dedicated to achieving a conviction. We will fight to protect your rights in this difficult time.

We have been committed to excellence in representing clients facing criminal charges for over three decades in Central Pennsylvania. Our firm specializes in criminal charges such as burglary, assault, drug charges, DUI and many more serious charges requiring a strong legal defense. We are fully aware of tricks the prosecution will try, what judges allow, and how to prepare a legal defense that will give you the best chance at prevailing.

Your Experienced Criminal Attorneys in Lancaster County

The Lancaster County criminal lawyers at Cody & Pfursich have over 60 years of combined experience successfully achieving the best possible results for our clients through preliminary hearings, pretrial motions and jury trials. Whether you are facing homicide, theft, drug or assault charges, chances are we’ve tried a case like yours. In addition, our legal team works together to review your case, bringing you the combined expertise of several successful trial attorneys.

In addition to our experience fighting for the best legal outcome of criminal charges, we have considerable experience in successfully negotiating expungements. Even in the case of a not guilty verdict, an arrest can still be a matter of public record, severely limiting future employment and professional opportunities. Cody & Pfursich has successfully petitioned thousands of expungements, enabling people charged with a crime to get on with their lives.

Don’t fight this frightening battle alone. If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges in Central Pennsylvania, call us today or use the form on this website for a free consultation. When you have been criminally charged, the stakes are too great for you to have anything less than top notch legal representation.