Lancaster Expungement Services

Lancaster Expungement ServicesWith our experience and expertise in criminal law defense, Cody & Pfursich should be your choice of representation in Lancaster expungement services. If you’ve been charged with or convicted of a crime, the records of your arrest and/or conviction…even if you are exonerated…do not go away on their own. In order to protect your permanent public record, you may need to get your arrest expunged from your court record.

For over 30 years, Cody & Pfursich has been trying criminal cases in Lancaster County. We have tried cases of drug charges, assault, burglary and domestic abuse among other criminal cases.


Your Choice For Lancaster Expungement Services.

Our attorneys have a wealth of experience dealing with the Lancaster County and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania criminal justice system. We are well aware of the backlash that society inflicts on those accused of a crime, even those that aren’t convicted…including limiting employment and education opportunities. Even the A.R.D. program that lessens the sentences for those charged with DUI does not remove the arrest from your record.

There are specific cases, however, where an attorney can petition the court for the expungement of charges from your public record, and have the state and county remove permanently all records of your arrest. In order to effectively represent clients in Lancaster expungement services, attorneys need to be well versed and experienced in local statutes and tell you if a petition for expungement will be successful.

Cody & Pfursich has successfully negotiated thousands of expungements for our clients, freeing them for a brighter future and giving them the peace of mind of a clean record. If you are in need of Lancaster expungement services and looking for better opportunities that are being denied because of an old arrest, call or e-mail us today and request a free consultation. You may be eligible for a cleaner record and a better future.