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Manheim PA Domestic Abuse LawyersIf you believe you have been unfairly served with a civil order, and require the services of Manheim PA domestic abuse lawyers, contact the firm at Cody & Pfursich today. Our legal professionals have many years of successful experience in domestic abuse representation, and we can help you achieve the best results for you, your family, and your future.

A Protection From Abuse (PFA) is a court directive for an alleged abuser, requiring that person to restrain from abusing or threatening the plaintiff. While the sentiment behind PFA laws is admirable, very often PFAs are abused for a variety of reasons…to cause embarrassment, to defame one’s character, or to exact revenge for an ugly breakup. Defendants served with a PFA could be forced to move out of their home, lose contact with their children, and turn over any firearms they own.

If for whatever reason you are served with a PFA, you should obey it and avoid any contact with the plaintiff. You may be embarrassed and feel that it’s unfair, but if you violate the order, you could be facing criminal charges and potential time in prison. Remember that you are entitled to a hearing on the matter, and you will have your day in court and a chance to defend against a permanent PFA.

The attorneys at Cody & Pfursich have a wealth of experience representing clients who have been served with PFAs for domestic abuse. Our attorney Lorraine Russell Hagy has handled many family law matters, including protection from abuse cases in the area. We have had PFAs dropped for lack of evidence or through agreement with opposing counsel, and in many cases we have negotiated final orders with reasonable conditions for both sides. We can help you repair your reputation and move forward with your life.

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Don’t attempt to deal with this situation without legal help. The stakes are too high for you and your family. Contact the Manheim PA domestic abuse lawyers at Cody & Pfursich today and request an initial consultation to tell us your story. We can help represent your side of the story where it matters most.