Quarryville Domestic Abuse Lawyers

Quarryville Domestic Abuse LawyersIf you have been or think you may be served with a court order and need the services of Quarryville domestic abuse lawyers, call the offices of Cody & Pfursich today. Our Lancaster County firm has been successfully representing individuals in domestic abuse cases for many years, and we can help achieve the best possible results for you, your family, and your future.

About Quarryville Domestic Abuse Lawyers

In a domestic abuse case, the plaintiff will request that the court direct a Protection From Abuse order to prevent the defendant from threatening or abusing the plaintiff. The purpose behind PFAs is an admirable one. But very often, PFAs are abused by accusers…with the intent of causing embarrassment or character defamation, or for revenge following a breakup. When defendants are served with PFAs, they can be forced out of their home, separated from their children, and required to turn in firearms.

When you have been served with a PFA, however unfair you think it may be, it is absolutely vital for you to obey the order and cease contact with your accuser. We understand the emotion and anger, but violation of a PFA could result in your facing criminal charges and even time in prison. Remember, you will have your chance to have your say in court and defend yourself against a permanent PFA.

At Cody & Pfursich, we have a great deal of experience successfully representing clients that have been served with PFAs for domestic abuse. In many cases we’ve had court orders dropped for insufficient evidence or through agreement opposing counsel, and we have often negotiated final orders with acceptable conditions for both sides. We can help repair any damage to your reputation and move forward with your life again.

Our attorney Lorraine Russell Hagy is an experienced family law practitioner who has handled many cases of divorce, custody, child support and protection from abuse matters. She understands the impact this situation is having on your life and your family, and she fights hard to represent their clients and their rights. Hagy practiced in Delaware and Chester Counties before moving here in 2011.

Courts take domestic abuse cases very seriously. Don’t face the situation without help. Contact the Quarryville domestic abuse lawyers at Cody & Pfursich today and request a free initial consultation. We can represent your side of the story in court where it matters most.