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Strasburg DUI LawyersWhen you find yourself charged and in need of experienced Strasburg DUI lawyers, call the offices of Cody & Pfursich today. Our law firm is just minutes away in Lancaster, and our attorneys negotiate and litigate cases of DUI in addition to traffic violations and personal injury cases. We have been practicing defense law now for over 30 years, and we have the experience and willingness to successfully defend your legal rights.

The state of Pennsylvania considers driving under the influence to be a very serious crime, and hands down severe penalties for convictions. You could be facing not just the loss of your driver’s license for an extended period of time, but also large fines and surcharges. For a repeat offender, the punishments are far worse…often including mandatory prison time of up to a year and a lengthy parole. In addition to all of this, a DUI conviction is devastating to future employment opportunities.

It’s vitally important for you to understand that police and prosecutors are not interested in anything but achieving a conviction. Your freedom and future depend on having competent legal representation and an attorney that will fight for your rights.

At Cody & Pfursich, from our 60 years of combined experience in DUI cases, we understand fully how to successfully negotiate favorable results for clients. Our attorneys Douglas Cody and Edwin Pfursich have years of experience handling DUI cases, and we’ve dealt with many cases just like yours. We aggressively fight charges and prosecutors know that we are not afraid to go to trial if necessary.

When applicable, we have also negotiated entry into an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (A.R.D.) program for thousands of our clients. Successful completion of A.R.D. can help reduce the severity of penalties, such as the length of driver’s license suspension.

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