Experienced Criminal Attorneys in Lancaster

Experienced Criminal Attorneys in LancasterAt Cody & Pfursich, we are the legal team you need when seeking experienced criminal attorneys in Lancaster. We are located here in town, across the street from the Lancaster County Courthouse, and we have been successfully representing clients facing criminal charges for over 30 years here in Central PA. Our office represents residents facing convictions for homicide, assault, robbery, drug charges, and other criminal charges that require a strong and committed defense.

Being charged with a crime is probably the most stressful experience in one’s life. If convicted, you could be facing lengthy prison sentences, probation and large fines. Even following a prison sentence, a criminal conviction remains on your record, and your personal and professional reputation is forever damaged. It’s not a time to take chances with inexperienced legal counsel.

Experienced criminal attorneys in Lancaster know that to win a case, they must be knowledgeable about statutes in Pennsylvania and Lancaster County, and to be prepared to fight against prosecutorial methods designed only to achieve a conviction. They also need a familiarity with judges and courts in the area and what they will expect regarding the burden of proof and a defendant’s rights.

At Cody & Pfursich, our attorneys have over 60 years of combined experience representing clients, through preliminary hearings, pre-trial motions and trials by jury. We’ve tried many cases like yours, and we know how to protect your legal rights. We will sit down with you in your initial consultation, listen to your side of the story, and develop a strategy to fight for your rights and your future.


Contacting Experienced Criminal Attorneys in Lancaster

We will not only fight for the best possible legal outcome for your future, we can help negotiate expungement of the arrest from your record too. Even in not guilty verdicts, arrests can remain on your record and severely limit your future employment opportunities, as well as your ability to seek housing and professional licensing. We have negotiated thousands of expungements successfully, and helped people charged with a crime to move forward with their lives.

If you, a friend, or a family member in Lancaster needs an experienced criminal trial attorney, contact Cody & Pfursich today or use this form to request a free consultation. The stakes are too high to risk anything less.