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Lancaster County Driving Under Suspension Attorney

A conviction for Driving While Operating Privileged Suspended or Revoked under 75 § 1543 of the Vehicle Code in Lancaster County carries serious consequences.  Even a first offense will result in an additional one year loss of license and significant fines and costs.  Second and subsequent offenses may lead to jail time.  A sixth or subsequent offense requires MANDATORY jail sentences.  The attorneys at The Cody Law Firm have handled thousands of Driving Under Suspension cases. We have an excellent understanding of not only the intricacies of the vehicle code; but also the Lancaster County local rules and practices as they relate to Driving Under Suspension cases.   If you are facing a loss of license, our goal will be to find a way to avoid the license loss.  If you are facing jail time, our goal will be to keep you out of jail. Although we can never guarantee success, our experience and expertise in this area of law has allowed us to obtain favorable results for thousands of our clients. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.