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Lancaster DUI Attorneys

Looking for a DUI Attorney in Lancaster, Pennsylvania? The Cody Law Firm has been serving the needs of Lancaster County residents for three decades and has a solid track record of success. We have guided thousands of clients through ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) as an alternative to jail time. This option avoids Lancaster DUI convictions  and may permit the record of arrest to be expunged from your record. ARD is a great option for first time DUI offenders in Lancaster, PA.

There are many Lancaster DUI Attorneys to select from but only The Cody Law Firm has the experience and the history of success needed to see you through this trying ordeal.

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Expungement in Lancaster County – Prior criminal record holding you back? Can you erase your prior criminal record?

By Ed Pfursich, Esquire

A record of arrest or conviction for a criminal offense can have serious consequences and can significantly limit opportunities in employment and education.  The court records of these incidents do not go away on their own.  They remain with you permanently and are public record available to anyone.  Even arrests or criminal charges that result in a not guilty verdict or a dismissal remain on your record. Additionally, completion of the ARD program does not automatically erase the record of arrest or charges.

Fortunately, in some cases you may be able to petition the Court to expunge your record.  If successful, the Court will direct that all federal and state agencies that maintain criminal records destroy the records of your arrest and conviction.

Our firm has successfully petitioned for thousands of expungements for our clients.  We have a thorough understanding of the expungement statutes and will be able to tell you as whether an expungement petition would be successful.  If an old arrest or conviction is limiting your opportunities, or if you just want the peace of mind of having a clean record, please call us for a free consultation.

*Attorney Ed Pfursich (Fur-sik) is a former Lancaster County prosecutor who now practices primarily criminal defense at The Cody Law Firm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania